Thank you for joining us to celebrate Mike as he turns 50!

Those who know Mike are aware of his deep love for the ocean. He is an avid surfer, a board member of the World Surf League, and supporter of ICONIQ Impact’s Ocean Co-Lab—a $50M philanthropic fund supporting climate change solutions that harness the power of our planet’s ocean. Mike is a founder of ICONIQ Impact which you can learn more about here.

On Mike's 50th birthday, in lieu of gifts, please consider donating to one of the nonprofits listed below.

The ICONIQ Impact Ocean Co-Lab recommends both organizations based on their efforts to protect the ocean so it can remain a source of fun, beauty, and life for us all.


Pacific Environment: Oceans are dying, wildlife is rapidly vanishing, and Indigenous cultures are disappearing. Pacific Environment is helping to reverse these trends by supporting grassroots leaders around the Pacific Rim who are directly impacted by climate change. They nurture community-led solutions by providing leaders with funding and expertise to help protect the ocean and planet.

Ocean Visions: Climate change is wreaking havoc on our ocean, driving overheating, acidification, and sea level rise that is disrupting critical marine ecosystems. Ocean Vision brings together diverse actors—including academic research institutions, conservation organizations, investors, entrepreneurs, and governments—to collaboratively design, test, and develop new solutions at the ocean-climate nexus.